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Services: information, data exchange, added value


Content Page 21.11.2022

Data supply: simple and direct

<strong>The geodata available from the Federal Administration can be obtained directly from the relevant Federal Office. Metadata can be obtained free of charge from geocat, Switzerland’s geographical metadata catalogue. Geodata can be downloaded free of charge subject to certain restrictions. Please observe all the relevant conditions of use.</strong>

Content Page 23.11.2022

Data Model Registry: Model Repository for basic geodata under federal law.

Available in <a data-li-document-ref="9051" href="">French</a> or <a data-li-document-ref="9050" href="">German</a>

Overview Page 1.6.2022


Geoservices are spatially referenced web services which make geodata accessible in structured form. Through geoservices it is possible to network geographical information over the Internet and to view or exchange data.