Geoservices are spatially referenced web services which make geodata accessible in structured form. Through geoservices it is possible to network geographical information over the Internet and to view or exchange data.


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Web Mapping Services WMS: Available services an data

The BGDI supports the federal offices by setting up WMS services. You can freely use the following examples and integrate them into any GIS system.

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Web Map Tiling Services WMTS: available services and data

A WMTS service does not offer the flexibility of free scale selection; it offers instead faster loading/transmission time by using static tiles with fixed and discrete scales.

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REST Interface: Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog API

The Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog – API is a «dataset based» download service providing access to packaged geospatial data and related metadata.

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Verification of conformity of geoservices to eCH-0056 standards

The «Geoservices application profile» (eCH 0056) provides a guide for the implementation of geoservices in Switzerland and is, due to its reference to Art. 7 Geo-swisstopo, a legally binding standard for basic geoservices developed on the basis of the basic geodata of the federal legislation, or of their competent authorities.

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Linked Data Service: linking geodata

Linked data refers to using the Web to connect related data that were not previously linked. The data are identified, shared and referenced by Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the underlying standards like SPARQL are used to encode and link the data.